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Our vision is to be the exclusive trusted provider of quality healthcare solutions to patients globally.

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Our mission is to contribute to the quality and standard of care by providing physicians with innovative solutions to alleviate suffering and improve well-being of patients.

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DeepView® is non-invasive, non-radiation, non-laser and does not require the use of an injectable dye. The system can be easily moved in and out of rooms and positioned bed-side or next to an operating table. It is powered through a standard electrical outlet, but also has capacity to run on a battery for several hours. The device does not contact the patient nor emit any harmful radiation.



To use the system, the user simply follows the directions on the touchscreen display and then positions the mechanical photo sensor over the exposed wound. The user then adjusts the focus and acquires the image in less than one second. The device processes the image and displays a comparison of the original image next to an image with a color overlay of the non-healing portions. 


The key to the Spectral MD DeepView® Wound Imaging System is the systems–based technology that combines real–time digital analysis of optical signatures to sensitize an imager to photon–tissue interactions below the skin's surface.  These image signatures relate directly to a patient's dynamic physiology – the optical properties of tissues and blood as they vary in response to changing hemodynamic conditions.



The DeepView® Wound Imaging System 2.0 has received 510(k) clearance from the US FDA and is currently under investigation in IRB-controlled clinical study environments.

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